About Us

Indians have celebrated gold, diamond, precious stones and embroideries for centuries. Throughout history, truly amazing objects de art have emerged. Behind them lies rich, magnificent history, discovery and technical achievement.

Ganeshi Lall, established in 1845, works within this rich heritage, providing diamonds and gems, antiques and embroideries – all exquisitely set in gold and silver to delight.

The art of creation at Ganeshi Lall retains the ancient flavour. Each piece – be it jewel, antique or embroidery, steadfastly retains the authentic Mughal craftsmanship.

We at Ganeshi Lall, have loved the lure of jewels for more than 160 years – their beauty & art, their profusion of colours and hues, their exquisite & intricate designs, their intriguing history, and it has always been our endeavour to share this rich heritage with connoisseurs.

“Awe” that our jewellery generates is attributed to well-orchestrated & amalgamated teamwork – commencing with the designer (chitera), then the goldsmith (sunaar), the engraver, the enameller (minakari), the gem-setter (jadiya) and finally the stringer (patua). The contribution of these craftsmen is immeasurable, because the true value of Mughal jewellery is determined by intricate stone inlay, delicate enamelling and design, craftsmanship, as by the intrinsic worth of gemstones and gold used.

Ganeshi Lall stands for traditional and cultural values, fine craftsmanship, exclusive designs and excellent quality materials. Our name inspires trust, confidence and pride of ownership in India and abroad. Creativity and strict adherence to quality have consistently been our hallmark, as we continue to add new items and new trends to our irresistible collection, thereby increasing our customer base manifold.